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24/7 Fire & Water Damage Repair
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Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration

Fire damage is perhaps the most traumatic disaster occurrence a property owner can experience. If your property has been affected by smoke or fire, we can assist you with handling total property and contents restoration. Most fires leave a small portion of the property charred and destroyed, and a much larger portion damaged by soot, water and odor. Moore Restoration has the ability to quickly and efficiently restore fire-damaged structures to their original condition.

Moore Restoration technicians have developed effective cleaning techniques and employ the use of specialized restoration solutions that are capable of removing smoke stains, flood debris and other damage caused by fire and water on various types of surfaces. We are trained in the correct cleaning techniques that will remove soot coatings. With the use of the most up-to-date training and techniques available, these practices ensure that soot and other damage won’t become permanently embedded in the structure.

The aftermath of a fire can be a complex scene. The materials burned, the method of fire suppression and the time elapsed after the fire combine to create situations that the team at Moore Restoration Inc. knows to recognize, assess and determine the correct procedure for efficient restoration.

The first element is the composition of the materials that burned in the fire. They determine the type of smoke residue left behind.

  • Organic/natural materials (wood, cotton and paper) leave grey-to-black powdery soot and is fairly easy to remove.
  • Synthetic materials (such as plastics and synthetic fabrics) leave very black soot that smudges easily and is more difficult to remove.
  • Protein-based materials (meat, beans and eggs) create a yellowish to brown smoke and the soot can be nearly invisible on walls and contents, but the residue is oily and greasy. The most obvious element of a protein fire is the very pungent odor. The odor is in the soot, which absorbs into porous surfaces thereby making the odor difficult to remove.

The second element is the method of fire suppression. Water, fire extinguishers and other substances used to stop the fire present additional factors to consider when engaging in a restoration project. Water applied to a fire creates steam and vapor that elevates the relative humidity. This rise in humidity can adversely affect wood furniture and other permeable materials. The residue from fire extinguishers can spread throughout a structure, especially if it enters the duct system. It is unfortunate that the process of extinguishing a fire can often cause additional damage!

The third critical factor is the time elapsed after a fire. Smoke can be highly corrosive to many materials; the longer the smoke remains on an object or structure, the more permanent and severe the damage can become. Smoke can etch through finishes on furniture and other objects, and odors can become increasingly difficult to remove.

Moore Restoration works with our clients as a team to ensure that every property is returned to its prelotion as quickly and efficiently as possible.