2020 Sees a Historic Hurricane Season

2020 hurricane seasonThe 2020 hurricane season has seen a relentless pounding of storm after storm.  When it is all over, this year may see a record-breaking number of named storms.  As this article explains, right now, just one more needs to form before the official end of hurricane season on November 30 in order to put 2020 in first place for the most named storms in a year.  The Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas has seen more than its fair share of storms this year making landfall on their coastlines.  This repeated pummeling left them with a need for a helping hand, and Moore Restoration was there to give it!

Sending teams down to hard-hit areas, the expert restoration technicians from Moore were able to join locals in getting the restoration efforts underway quickly and efficiently.  These teams work long hours under difficult conditions to tackle the widespread and intense damage seen after a tropical storm or hurricane moves through an area.  While working under these conditions is exhausting, Moore Restoration technicians view it as a way to help out using the expertise and skill they have accumulated.  But don’t worry – Moore Restoration doesn’t send all their technicians to help.  We make sure that we have the people and equipment here to address the disasters that are sure to happen closer to home.  We’re ready to help with disasters small and large!