4 Reasons to Leave Mold Removal to the Professionals

Do-it-yourself projects can save skilled and ambitious homeowners a lot of money. If you have some knowledge, a little bit of experience, and an adventurous attitude, you can tackle a lot of tasks around your home yourself instead of calling in someone else to do it for you. However, there are some jobs that should really not be attempted by an amateur, and mold removal is probably near the top of that list. Below we have outlined 4 major reasons you should avoid DIY mold removal and leave this job to mold remediation experts.

1. It Can Be Hard to Assess the Extent of Mold Damage

The first step in solving a problem is fully understanding what the problem is. With mold invasions, this is often quite difficult to do. Mold loves dark and damp places that can be hard to examine carefully. In addition, mold growth is usually invisible in the beginning. Tiny mold spores (and even the start of a mold colony) are so small that they are easily missed. Likewise, even when a large area of mold is discovered, it is so invasive that you would never be able to determine whether it all was removed with only the naked eye. A competent mold removal specialist will make sure that all mold is not only identified but also removed.

2. The Right Tools and Equipment Make a Difference

DIYers are at a distinct disadvantage to mold remediation experts in combatting the problem of mold growth due to their lack of the proper tools and equipment. Most cleaning solutions available to the general public are too weak to completely stop and prevent mold growth. Those chemical agents that are powerful enough to work are also highly toxic and thus are better kept in the hands of trained mold removal professionals.

3. DIY Mold Removal Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Besides the ineffectiveness of DIY mold removal, the endeavor can also be quite dangerous. Mold removal technicians are very careful to use the right protective gear to keep them safe. Breathing in mold or mold spores can cause serious immediate and ongoing health problems. Furthermore, the chemicals used to attack mold can also be dangerous. They can cause severe health problems resulting from inhalation or contact to the skin.

4. Not Getting the Job Done Right Can Be Very Costly

Finally, the biggest reason not to attempt DIY mold removal is that this job is too important for it not to be done right. Some DIY projects carry little risk. Doing subpar work on a landscape or painting project won’t do you much long-term harm. In contrast, failure to completely eliminate a mold problem could have serious, long-lasting, and costly consequences affecting your home and your health.

In short, the money you think you can save on mold removal by doing it yourself could end up costing you much more than that in the long run. This is one of those times when it is better to simply leave the work to the professionals. Moore Restoration has been taking care of residential and commercial mold problems for many years. Our mold removal experts know how to combat mold damage quickly, efficiently, and safely. You can count on us for safe and complete mold remediation done right every time!