Another Opportunity to Help Our Community

Moore Restoration is in the business of helping people restore their homes, businesses, and personal property after experiencing fire or water damage. We view this as a way to serve our community in Indianapolis and the surrounding area by helping them get their lives back to normal. In addition to the regular benefits we provide through our restoration services, we also look for ways that we can give back and help to strengthen our community. We recently had another such opportunity. We were able to be a part of the installation of a Safe Haven Baby Box in Carmel.

Providing a Safe Haven for Babies

The Safe Haven Baby Box, which was installed at the Douglas Callahan Fire Station 45, 10701 N. College Ave., is the sixth such box to be installed in Indiana and the second that Moore has had the privilege to be involved with. We are so glad to be able to contribute to our community in a way that protects its most vulnerable members. Visit the Safe Haven website to read more about the boxes and the hopeful alternative they provide.