Be Prepared for Disaster Before It Strikes

Preparation Makes a Difference

The unpredictability of natural disasters is part of what makes them so dangerous. With some, such as hurricanes, there may be a few days of warning, though often the specific predictions change as the storm nears land. Others more common to Indiana, such as severe rainstorms, tornados, flooding, and blizzards, may be anticipated, but the severity is often hard to foresee. That is why it is so important to make provisions in preparation for hazardous conditions should they occur. These kinds of severe weather phenomena commonly create the need for water damage restoration services (and to a lesser degree fire restoration services) that Moore Restoration responds to. By the time we are on the scene, it is too late for our customers to prepare for an upcoming disruption of normal life. At that point, their disaster preparedness needs to already be in place.

Have a Plan and Needed Supplies

Most people who experience a natural disaster or even smaller home, business, or property loss or damage don’t expect that they will ever be in that situation. The reality is that some people will. That’s why it’s good to have a plan and a stock of helpful supplies. Work out with your family what you will do if disaster does strike and a central place to meet if you are apart and unable to communicate. For a recommended list of supplies to have in your emergency kit, see the Red Cross website. Finally, have the Moore Restoration phone number (866-484-3322) handy; we are a trusted restoration water damage company with skilled experts ready for immediate dispatch when you need us.