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Qualities to Look for in a Restoration Company

When you experience a disaster affecting your residential or commercial property, you have so much on your mind.  One of your top priorities is hiring a restoration company to remediate the damage and restore your property.  As you consider who to trust with this important task, these are some qualities that you should look for.

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Effects Businesses May Experience After a Disaster

Business owners do not have any easy job.  Every day has the potential to bring problems – some small and inconsequential, others large and life-changing.  Natural disasters can bring water damage, fire damage, mold damage, or wind damage to commercial property, often with little to no warning or time for preparation.  This is an inconvenience

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The Importance of Having a Fire Safety Plan for Your Home

Everything seems to go better when you have a plan…even a fire.  While nobody really likes to think about disaster striking, the reality is that fires can and do happen.  Before the first spark, you can prepare for the possibility of a fire and give yourself and your family the best chances of surviving the

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Benefits of Installing a Sprinkler System in Your Commercial Building

A fire can be devastating for a business.  For that reason, many business owners are diligent to do whatever they can to prevent a fire.  Likewise, they do what they can to minimize the commercial fire damage and the impact in case a fire does occur.  One possible action business owners can take is to

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Five Nasty Smells That Moore Restoration Can Eliminate

Often the mold, fire, and water damage that requires restoration services is easily seen and identified. However, another type of damage that can (be) hard to find and even harder to eliminate is odor. Offensive odors make us feel uncomfortable and disturbed. We don’t even really like to think about this type of irritant. However,

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Weather Events Can Have Long-Ranging Effects 

Distant Weather Events Hurricanes have the ability to strike fear in the hearts of coastal residents.  Moore Restoration has seen the effects of past hurricanes and tropical storms and the devastation that they can bring. Residents of Central Indiana do not have the same reaction when they hear news of another hurricane headed for land. 

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Providing Top-Notch Commercial Restoration Services

Moore Restoration works every day to help homeowners recover from disasters like floods, fires, storms, or mold invasions.  We work to remediate and rebuild damaged structures, restore contents, and return homeowners to their homes.  Yet disasters and damage don’t just occur in homes, apartments, and other residential settings.  The same kinds of damaging events that

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Factors that Impact Commercial Property Roof Durability

One area of commercial buildings that may not get much attention or thought is the roof.  Though it is right there, out in the open, it is always overhead but never within sight. Understandably, the roof is not always forefront in a business owner’s mind. However, it’s important to remember that commercial roofs are not

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Flood Insurance: It’s Important to Know What’s Covered

Know What Your Policy Covers Some areas are more prone to flooding due to the surrounding geographical feature(s). A home or business may be in a known flood plain or might just have nearby features that cause or exacerbate flooding. For owners of these homes or businesses, getting flood insurance is one way to protect

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Contents Restoration: Why Do It?

When a disaster occurs in a home or business, there is usually damage that goes beyond the structure of the building.  The contents of the building are typically affected as well.  When the contents are damaged, there is often a choice to make: restore the items that have been damaged or simply get rid of

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