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Plan Ahead for a Disaster with an Inventory List

Whether at work or home, many people try to plan ahead to make life easier. Some examples of planning ahead include scheduling events, budgeting for future expenditures, and researching future endeavors. But can this plan-ahead strategy be applied to disasters affecting homes or commercial properties? Well, you can’t really schedule a disaster or budget for

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Finding Hidden Water Leaks

Flooding and interior water damage is often swift and visible. It is an emergency that no one wants to deal with, but the urgency of the situation spurs homeowners or commercial property owners to get in immediate contact with a nearby water damage restoration company. While the urgent nature can create a stressful situation, it

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Sump Pumps Keep Your Basement Dry

There’s not much that can make a bigger mess in such a short amount of time as flood water in your basement. Whether from a nearby creek that has overrun its banks, a backed-up sewer line, or leaky water heater, water is your basement can do significant damage in a matter of minutes. That’s why

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Some Habits Can Be More Harmful Than You Think

Habits can be hard to break. But luckily most habits are relatively harmless. Habits like biting your nails, cracking your knuckles, or snacking between meals may be irritating or bothersome, but those habits will not cause any lasting harm. On the other hand, as this article from Good Housekeeping details, there are some habits that can

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Insurance Claims for Water Leaks Are Increasing

Ever since indoor plumbing became a part of home construction, water leaks have been a potential source of damage for homeowners. Besides the damage that the seeping or flowing water itself can cause, water leaks can also lead to mold growth. Both water damage and subsequent mold damage can be far-reaching and expensive, making it

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The Season for Frozen Pipes

Now that the Christmas season is over, we jump right into the season of cold, wintry weather. Much less enjoyable than the holiday season, this season sees us bracing ourselves against the plummeting temperatures, blustery winds, and unpredictable snow and ice storms. The harsh weather so common in Central Indiana at this time of year

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Priorities When You Discover a Flooded Basement

If you have ever experienced a flooded basement, you understand the waves of emotion that are common to homeowners in this situation. Helplessness, uncertainty, fear. These feelings are understandable, but they aren’t particularly helpful. The best way to deal with a flooded basement is to focus on the priorities for getting back to normal life.

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Homeowners Insurance – There When You Need It

What is the one thing you purchase hoping you’ll never need to use it? Insurance. We buy various types of insurance in case the unexpected happens. Car insurance protects us if we are ever in a car accident. Health insurance protects us in case of an illness or injury. Likewise, homeowners insurance offers protection from

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Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

When you think of the holidays, there are probably many thoughts that fill your mind. Memories of past years’ fun, thoughts of family and friends, cravings for your favorite holiday treats. Few of us would be drawn to thoughts of an emergency or injury in connection to the holidays. Yet the reality is that this

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The First Contacts To Make After a Fire

A fire in your home or business can quickly disrupt your daily life and change your plans and your schedule. It will stop you in your tracks and demand all your attention. Suddenly, you will have a whole different set of things to take care of which you weren’t even thinking about yesterday. Have you

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