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Moore Advanced Services Group Offers Cutting-Edge Disinfecting Technology

Moore Restoration has proven itself as a reliable provider of water mitigation, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services. Did you know that we also have a division, Moore Advanced Services Group, which specializes in using cutting-edge technology called SteraMist binary ionization technology (BIT) to provide superior disinfection in places and situations where that is

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The Limits of Insurance Coverage for Fire Damage

Insurance Coverage for Fire Damage The threat of fire is a major reason that individuals and businesses make sure that they have the proper insurance. Adequate insurance coverage can help to make the nightmare of a fire more bearable. You may wonder if typical insurance policies cover all fire damage or if there are limits?

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How Fast is Fast Enough for Water Remediation?

When people experience a flood, they often report that everything happened so fast. It’s a common observation and an accurate one too. Once a breach occurs and water is allowed to get into places where it’s not supposed to be, it will quickly fill every crevice and soak into any porous material. The damage happens

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Protecting Your Food and Water Supply After a Flood

Floods have incredible power to wreak havoc on everything they touch. At Moore Restoration, we get it. Our everyday work includes cleaning up the mess of flood damage and restoring homes and businesses back to order. One area that can be affected by flooding is the normal food and water supply. You might not think about

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Water Damage and Insurance – What You Need to Know

Water Damage Insurance Claim When you experience a water emergency in your home or business, you may start thinking immediately about your homeowners or commercial insurance and wondering whether the incident will be covered. The reality is that not every flood or water disaster is viewed the same from an insurance perspective. How and when

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Environmental Restoration – Moore Restoration Can Handle It

Moore Restoration is well-known in Indianapolis and the surrounding area as a reliable fire and water restoration company. Yet in reality Moore is more than that. Water and fire restoration is just part of our business. We are also equipped to remediate difficult environmental situations. The following are just some of the environmental restoration issues

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As Your Business Recovers from a Fire

Nothing can devastate a business as quickly as a fire. Once that spark is ignited, it takes mere moments for the flames to grow and consume everything they touch. In addition to the destruction to buildings or commercial property assets, there can be ongoing damage to the health of the business itself. The physical damage

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New Technology Makes Natural Disasters Easier to Handle

For all the advancements in science and technology, the weather remains firmly outside of our control. Thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes, and floods will come when they come, and there is nothing we can do about it. Yet even though we are helpless to stop violent weather events and natural disasters, we can still find ways to

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Prepare Today to Reduce Water Damage from Floods

A flood can happen during any season of the year and from so many different causes. However, as we enter the spring season, we know that floods are common this time of year. Increased rain, thunderstorms, and the melting of snow can all contribute to flooding outside, which can quickly lead to a water disaster

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It’s Time to Get Ready for Tornado Season

Tornado Preparedness After a long, cold winter, Central Indiana is ready for spring. We are ready for the warmer days, the brighter sunshine, and the cheery sights and sounds of birds and flowers. Yet spring inevitably brings with it some less welcome elements, particularly strong spring storms. Because they are the result of typical spring

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