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Homeowners Insurance – There When You Need It

What is the one thing you purchase hoping you’ll never need to use it? Insurance. We buy various types of insurance in case the unexpected happens. Car insurance protects us if we are ever in a car accident. Health insurance protects us in case of an illness or injury. Likewise, homeowners insurance offers protection from

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Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

When you think of the holidays, there are probably many thoughts that fill your mind. Memories of past years’ fun, thoughts of family and friends, cravings for your favorite holiday treats. Few of us would be drawn to thoughts of an emergency or injury in connection to the holidays. Yet the reality is that this

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The First Contacts To Make After a Fire

A fire in your home or business can quickly disrupt your daily life and change your plans and your schedule. It will stop you in your tracks and demand all your attention. Suddenly, you will have a whole different set of things to take care of which you weren’t even thinking about yesterday. Have you

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Moore Restoration Rises Above Typical Contents Restoration Companies

  Not all contents restoration companies are the same. While they all are trusted with the same task of salvaging and restoring damaged items, each company has its own process and its own particular way of doing things. Among Indianapolis fire, water, and mold remediation companies, Moore Restoration stands out for our excellence and professionalism.

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When Complete Clean-up Is Absolutely Essential

Experiencing a fire, a flood, or an intrusion of mold is a life-altering event. For victims of these kinds of disasters, complete remediation of the affected property becomes the highest priority. Victims in need of disaster restoration services have an expectation that clean-up will be complete. Yet in some cases, especially in a hospital or

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Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

It’s every business owner’s nightmare: arriving at the office only to be greeted by several inches of water on the floor. The first question that comes to mind is “What happened here?” There are many possible causes of commercial water damage, and there are definitely some that are more common. For years, we have been

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Contents Restoration: Remediating Your Damaged Possessions

When a fire, flood, or mold invasion strikes your home or business, the structure of the building is not the only place where damage occurs. What’s inside of that building can rarely escape the resulting damage. Moore Restoration does not just provide fire restoration and water remediation services which return your home or commercial building

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Danger May Continue After a Meth Lab Is Shut Down

The Dangers of a Contaminated Drug Lab A meth lab is dangerous in so many ways. Of course, it is dangerous in its intended operation of making and distributing a substance which can wreak havoc on the lives of those who use it. But beyond that, meth labs utilize toxic and hazardous substances that are

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Returning to Your Flooded Home

When homeowners experience a flood, they are often forced to leave their home quickly. Maybe they had a chance to grab a treasured possession or maybe not. Perhaps they saw the extent of the damage being done or perhaps they just simply had to leave without knowing how bad it would be. Whatever the circumstances

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Moore Advanced Services Group Offers Cutting-Edge Disinfecting Technology

Moore Restoration has proven itself as a reliable provider of water mitigation, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation services. Did you know that we also have a division, Moore Advanced Services Group, which specializes in using cutting-edge technology called SteraMist binary ionization technology (BIT) to provide superior disinfection in places and situations where that is

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