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Unusual Weather Phenomenon Hits the Midwest

Derecho Causes Wind Damage Predicting the weather with complete certainty is impossible, but we have become much better at forecasting some of the worst weather events before they hit.  Tornados are often predicted a few hours or even a day in advance, and hurricanes are usually tracked for several days before landfall.  However, it still

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When Appliances Become Hazards Instead of Helpers

Modern conveniences have certainly changed the way we take care of our homes and families.  Can you imagine the days when clothes were washed by hand and then hung out to dry? Or when food was cooked over a fire and kept cold with blocks of ice?  With all the appliances we have today, life

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Preparation Gives Your Business the Edge

Commercial Disaster Preparedness Every business is looking for an edge over competitors these days. No business wants to get left behind! One way to create an advantage for your business is to prepare for the next disaster around the corner, whatever that may be. You may be asking yourself, “How do I prepare for the

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4 Reasons to Leave Mold Removal to the Professionals

Do-it-yourself projects can save skilled and ambitious homeowners a lot of money. If you have some knowledge, a little bit of experience, and an adventurous attitude, you can tackle a lot of tasks around your home yourself instead of calling in someone else to do it for you. However, there are some jobs that should

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Don’t Let Grill-Related House Fires Ruin Your Summer Fun

Grilling Safety Tips We often think of house fires as typically occurring in the winter. After all, winter is the season for chimney obstructions, Christmas light malfunctions, and space heater accidents. However, in the summer months, there are different risks, including the use of outdoor grills and similar equipment, which can contribute to house fires.

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Caulking Can Help Prevent Water Damage

Sometimes prevention can be difficult or require a great deal of time or effort. Other times, there are preventative solutions available that are so simple that you’d be a fool not to take advantage of them. Caulking around your sink is one such simple solution to prevent water damage. As this article explains, not only is

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Before You Leave for Vacation, Make Sure Your Home Is Protected

Summer would seem incomplete without a vacation, and we hope that everyone will get to take one this year. While the vacation itself is filled with fun and relaxation, getting ready to go is another story.  As you’re busy making reservations and packing the essentials, don’t forget about the importance of protecting your house from disaster

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SteraMist Used Globally to Fight Coronavirus

It’s hard to believe that it was just a few months ago that we were introduced to COVID-19, the influenza caused by a novel coronavirus that began infecting patients in China and ultimately has spread around the world. In our fight against this new disease, our scientific community has made heroic strides within a short

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Floods and Fires Still Happen…and Moore Restoration is Still Here

It seems like a lot has changed over the past few weeks. For some people, the whole world has turned upside. For others, their day-to-day activities look completely different. While a lot has changed in our everyday schedule and even in how we approach the bigger questions of life, Moore Restoration wants you to know

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How to Create Your Own Home Inventory List

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog explaining the advantages of having a home inventory list. Maybe you read the blog and thought “That’s a great idea…but how exactly would I do that?” This blog is an answer to that question! As a respected Indianapolis restoration company, we want to share with you some

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