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Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Winter Water Damage

Each season in Central Indiana has its own benefits…and its own risks. The winter is no exception. Many of us look forward to the holidays that accompany winter and the time with family and friends. Some also like the pretty views and cozy atmosphere created by cold, snowy weather.  Yet we are all aware of

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What Is Black Mold and Why Is It Dangerous?

Thorough Mold Removal Is Important You’ve probably heard a horror story or two about the long-reaching effects that mold can have on property and people. Maybe you’ve wondered whether these stories are true and whether they are typical. With years of experience providing thorough mold remediation Indianapolis can trust, Moore Restoration deals with the issue

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Common Holiday-Related Fire Risks

The holiday season is upon us. It’s a special time that many of us look forward to all year. We love to decorate our homes, enjoy the holiday festivities, and spend time with friends and family. The last thing any of us wants at this joyous time of year is a fire. Yet some of

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Making a Difference through Hurricane Water Damage Restoration

While you know that Moore Restoration works every day to restore Indianapolis area homes and businesses, you may not know that we also have a part to play in water damage restoration efforts that go on after major natural disasters that occur throughout the country. For the past two years, our country’s coastlines have sustained

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Be Prepared for Disaster Before It Strikes

Preparation Makes a Difference The unpredictability of natural disasters is part of what makes them so dangerous. With some, such as hurricanes, there may be a few days of warning, though often the specific predictions change as the storm nears land. Others more common to Indiana, such as severe rainstorms, tornados, flooding, and blizzards, may

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Spot Dangerous Trees Before They Cause Damage

Beware Potentially Dangerous Trees As innocent as they may appear, trees can pose a real danger. A falling branch or worse a falling tree can do some serious property damage and even bodily harm. In our business, we see some of the worst effects of dangerous trees. A home that lies within the path of

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Winterize Your Home Now to Prevent Winter Fires

Although a house fire can occur anytime, it is well-known that the winter is a particularly dangerous time for fires. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, winter fires cause $2 billion in property damage and claim the lives of 890 people every year. Some of the causes of winter fires are already lurking in your

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Fire Prevention Tasks for Your Business

Fire Prevention Tasks “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There is a lot of wisdom in that simple saying. At Moore Restoration, we work every day with people who wish that they could go back and do some “prevention” rather than having to depend on us for the “cure.” For example,

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Is It Possible to Salvage Water-Damaged Papers?

It is amazing how quickly water can infiltrate a flooded home or business. Flowing freely in and through all the contents, it does its damage almost instantaneously. Plastic and other hard materials can withstand the worst effects of flood water. However, more porous materials are susceptible to immediate and long-lasting damage. Perhaps one of the

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Moore Restoration Helps Install New Safe Haven Baby Box

In our line of work, we get to help people every day by helping homeowners and business owners clean up after a water emergency or fire. But the employees of Moore Restoration recently got a chance to help in a different way. When the Decatur Township Fire Department on Foltz Street put in the first

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