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The Importance of Having a Fire Safety Plan for Your Home

Everything seems to go better when you have a plan…even a fire.  While nobody really likes to think about disaster striking, the reality is that fires can and do happen.  Before the first spark, you can prepare for the possibility of a fire and give yourself and your family the best chances of surviving the

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Benefits of Installing a Sprinkler System in Your Commercial Building

A fire can be devastating for a business.  For that reason, many business owners are diligent to do whatever they can to prevent a fire.  Likewise, they do what they can to minimize the commercial fire damage and the impact in case a fire does occur.  One possible action business owners can take is to

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Don’t Neglect Regular Furnace Maintenance

How often do you stop and think about your furnace?  On these cold winter days, we rely on our furnace to keep us warm and comfortable.  Yet while it is working we rarely give it a second thought.  Regular furnace maintenance is an important part of responsible home ownership, and neglect of it can cause

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Dangers Can Arise from Winter Heat Sources

When you are cold, the heat just feels so good. Thawing out frozen fingers and warming up a cold body can make you feel like a new person.  Yet as good as heat feels, winter heat sources can pose a significant danger.  Common sources of heat in the cold months include an electric or gas

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How to Safely Care for Your Live Christmas Tree

Christmas time is here!  While it may look a little different this year, we all hope that it will be a joyful time.  With festive decorations around the house and a table full of holiday treats, we will celebrate the season.  Though the gatherings may be smaller than usual, we will still be able to

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Prevention Strategies Help Stop Tragedies

Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors As winter approaches, the risk of certain home-related dangers increases, including fires and carbon monoxide leaks, both of which can be dangerous to you and those staying in your home.  As you strive to protect your family against these threats, you are not alone.  Reliable smoke detectors as well as

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