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The Risks of a Wet or Humid Crawl Space

“Out of sight, out of mind.” This saying is true of crawl spaces as homeowners can attest. If you don’t have a basement and your house is not built on a slab, then you probably have a crawl space (like around 15% of homes in America.)  Yet most homeowners with a crawl space rarely give

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Know the Facts about Mold

Mold is often misunderstood.  Some people understate its effects; others overvalue its importance.  At times, people will ignore its existence even when it’s plainly there.  In other circumstances, people will imagine that it must be somewhere even when the evidence points to the contrary.  If you want to be smart about mold, you have to

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4 Reasons to Leave Mold Removal to the Professionals

Do-it-yourself projects can save skilled and ambitious homeowners a lot of money. If you have some knowledge, a little bit of experience, and an adventurous attitude, you can tackle a lot of tasks around your home yourself instead of calling in someone else to do it for you. However, there are some jobs that should

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