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Weather Events Can Have Long-Ranging Effects 

Distant Weather Events Hurricanes have the ability to strike fear in the hearts of coastal residents.  Moore Restoration has seen the effects of past hurricanes and tropical storms and the devastation that they can bring. Residents of Central Indiana do not have the same reaction when they hear news of another hurricane headed for land. 

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Springtime in Indiana – Expect the Unexpected

In Central Indiana, rapidly changing weather is part of everyday life, especially in the springtime.  Bright, sunny skies can quickly become stormy and threatening, while fierce thunderstorms are often followed by blue skies and a gentle breeze.  Even though individual damaging weather events can arrive without much warning, we can be prepared in general for

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Sump Pumps Keep Your Basement Dry

There’s not much that can make a bigger mess in such a short amount of time as flood water in your basement. Whether from a nearby creek that has overrun its banks, a backed-up sewer line, or leaky water heater, water is your basement can do significant damage in a matter of minutes. That’s why

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Be Prepared for Disaster Before It Strikes

Preparation Makes a Difference The unpredictability of natural disasters is part of what makes them so dangerous. With some, such as hurricanes, there may be a few days of warning, though often the specific predictions change as the storm nears land. Others more common to Indiana, such as severe rainstorms, tornados, flooding, and blizzards, may

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Spot Dangerous Trees Before They Cause Damage

Beware Potentially Dangerous Trees As innocent as they may appear, trees can pose a real danger. A falling branch or worse a falling tree can do some serious property damage and even bodily harm. In our business, we see some of the worst effects of dangerous trees. A home that lies within the path of

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