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Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Winter Water Damage

Each season in Central Indiana has its own benefits…and its own risks. The winter is no exception. Many of us look forward to the holidays that accompany winter and the time with family and friends. Some also like the pretty views and cozy atmosphere created by cold, snowy weather.  Yet we are all aware of

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Is It Possible to Salvage Water-Damaged Papers?

It is amazing how quickly water can infiltrate a flooded home or business. Flowing freely in and through all the contents, it does its damage almost instantaneously. Plastic and other hard materials can withstand the worst effects of flood water. However, more porous materials are susceptible to immediate and long-lasting damage. Perhaps one of the

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The Right Response After a Flood

Flooding in your home can be completely unexpected and is always unplanned. Whether a result of a burst water pipe, a leaky roof, or a violent storm, a flood can do almost instant damage and might easily take anyone by surprise. But a panicked reaction to this kind of water disaster can make things even

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5 Things to Do While Waiting for a Water Damage Company to Come and Dry out Your Home

Water damage remediation companies specialize in drying out flooded homes, and it’s often impossible to get a flooded house fully dry without calling a service. You don’t have to wait for a service’s representative to come before you start to dry out a home, though. If your home floods, here’s what you can do while

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Five Tips for Filing a Water Damage Claim

Water damage is one of the most common problems homeowners in Indiana face. Be it a busted pipe or weather damage, this unfortunate event can happen to even the best-constructed homes. However, filing an insurance claim doesn’t have to be stressful. Moore Restoration has five tips to make filing a water damage insurance claim easier:

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