Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

water damage remediation IndianapolisIt’s every business owner’s nightmare: arriving at the office only to be greeted by several inches of water on the floor. The first question that comes to mind is “What happened here?” There are many possible causes of commercial water damage, and there are definitely some that are more common. For years, we have been providing the water damage remediation Indianapolis businesses depend on and here are a few causes that we see over and over.

  1. Pipes/Plumbing – It’s no surprise that leaky pipes or faulty plumbing can result in a water emergency. After all, those pipes that run throughout your building constrain the water supplied to sinks, toilets, and drinking fountains. When there is a problem with the plumbing, water is no longer kept contained.
  2. Leaky Roofs – Business owners rely on the roofs of commercial buildings to protect the people and property inside from the elements. Yet sometimes a small weak spot or exposed area can allow water inside where it can do damage.
  3. Sprinklers – Many businesses install sprinklers to protect in the event of a fire. Yet when these helpful tools malfunction, they can end up causing a disaster of a different type.
  4. Appliances – Several appliances used in commercial spaces utilize water to function. As long as things work as they should, this does not cause a problem. However, when water-dependent appliances malfunction, it can cause a water spill that continues until it is noticed and halted.
  5. Toilet/Sewer Line – Perhaps the worst kind of water emergencies are caused by issues with toilets or sewer lines. All businesses must have a toilet, but they sure can make a mess. An added problem for floods caused by a backed-up toilet or clogged sewer line is that the water is usually contaminated and can present health dangers.
  6. Storms – A final common cause of water damage is the weather. Storms, in particular, can be responsible for water invaded commercial spaces. Whether the thunderstorms and torrential rains of spring or the ice storms of winter, this is a cause that is hard to predict.

While knowing the cause of water damage is important, having a plan for water damage cleanup and restoration is essential. As Indianapolis’s restoration water damage experts, Moore Restoration can fix the problem regardless of its root. We are ready to respond right away to your call for emergency water damage repair, and we will not be finished until your water damaged commercial property is completely restored and returned to pre-loss condition.