Common Holiday-Related Fire Risks

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The holiday season is upon us. It’s a special time that many of us look forward to all year. We love to decorate our homes, enjoy the holiday festivities, and spend time with friends and family. The last thing any of us wants at this joyous time of year is a fire. Yet some of the very things that we enjoy in this season can actually become fire hazards if we are not careful. As a provider of the fire restoration Indianapolis residents need, Moore Restoration understands how significantly a home fire can impact your holiday celebrations. Keep reading for some tips to protect yourself from common causes of fires during the Christmas season.

Christmas Trees

Having a live Christmas tree has been a treasured tradition for years in our society. Yet in some ways, having a tree that will continue to get drier and drier as the season goes on doesn’t seem like the best idea. It’s much like having a 6-foot piece of kindling in your living room for a month.  If you can’t imagine Christmas without a live tree, at least be smart about it. To start with, you should get a tree that is freshly cut and not starting to dry out already. Once you set it up, make sure to water it every day. During the Christmas season, keep any flames or heat sources at least 3 feet away from the tree. As soon as the holidays are over, take your tree down promptly and eliminate the risk of fire.

Christmas Lights

In addition to the tree itself, some of the decorations used to create a bright, festive atmosphere can cause holiday fires. As you place electrical lights on your tree or anywhere in or around your house, you should examine the wires carefully to make sure none are frayed or damaged. Refrain from connecting too many strings of lights end to end from a single outlet. A strip plug or extension cord can help you get the effect you want without putting yourself in danger.

Open Flames

Why is it that so many of our images and even songs about Christmas include a fire or flame? While this may be picturesque, in real life it can be dangerous. The bottom line is that whenever you have a flame or fire, you need to use extreme caution, especially when you have a house full of people. Keep candles away from the hustle and bustle of guests (especially children who aren’t always aware of the dangers around them). If you have a fire roaring in the fireplace, make sure that the chimney has been kept clean and that a screen protects the surrounding area from sparks that may be thrown from burning wood.


Finally, no holiday celebration is complete without lots of delicious food. Much time is spent in the kitchen preparing treats beforehand or even while family and friends mill about. With all the busyness that accompanies the season, there is a real threat that the cook can become distracted. Be sure to pay close attention to what is on the stove and even more so to what you might have in the deep fryer. Hot oil can be very dangerous and can quickly cause a burn or fire.

This Christmas don’t abandon your favorite traditions, but do pay close attention to those that might pose a risk. Being safe will contribute to your enjoyment of this season of peace and joy. If you do experience a fire, Moore Restoration has experienced technicians ready to help you get things taken care of. Call us any time 24/7 at (866) 484-3322. We are here to help!