When Complete Clean-up Is Absolutely Essential

complete restoration services

Experiencing a fire, a flood, or an intrusion of mold is a life-altering event. For victims of these kinds of disasters, complete remediation of the affected property becomes the highest priority. Victims in need of disaster restoration services have an expectation that clean-up will be complete. Yet in some cases, especially in a hospital or healthcare facility, this expectation for complete clean-up is absolutely essential. Such was the case described by a recent article found on the Contagion Live website.  In this case, total restoration was not just an expectation, but a necessity to protect the lives and health of patients at the hospital where the event occurred.

Complete Restoration Services

When total restoration is the only option, Moore Restoration provides restoration services that meet the highest standards of even medical institutions and hospitals. By partnering with the experts at Moore Advanced Services Group, we are able to maintain a safe environment during restoration. Our attention to detail and rigorous procedures allow us to satisfy even the sanitary requirements of medical facilities and avoid risk to their vulnerable patients. This makes Moore Restoration a valuable and trusted resource for institutions requiring the most reliable and comprehensive restoration and remediation efforts.