Contents Restoration: Remediating Your Damaged Possessions

contents restorationWhen a fire, flood, or mold invasion strikes your home or business, the structure of the building is not the only place where damage occurs. What’s inside of that building can rarely escape the resulting damage. Moore Restoration does not just provide fire restoration and water remediation services which return your home or commercial building to a restored condition. Yes, we do that…but we also can take care of what is inside with our contents restoration services.

We Understand Contents Restoration

Since these kinds of disasters could occur anywhere and at any time, the types of contents that are damaged can vary widely. Some typical damaged items include furniture, rugs, clothing, books, and pictures. These affected objects might be made of wood, metal, paper, plastic, or clothe of various kinds. Not every kind of substance is equal in terms of the way it should be restored or the ease with which it can be restored. But don’t let that intimidate you – we know the best treatment for each material and will use best industry practices for optimal restoration.

We’re Up To The Challenge

In some disasters, things can look like they are beyond the point of being restored. Homeowners or business owners may look at the contents that have been damaged and assume that it is hopeless. However, with our experience and expertise, we are often able to restore items that appear to be in bad shape. Even papers and photographs can usually be restored. Even when complete restoration is impossible, we can often make our customers very pleased with how close we get items to their condition before the disaster. Whatever the challenge, Moore Restoration is up to it.

Fires, water emergencies, and environmental disasters can be devastating. Damage to the structure of your home obviously must be taken care of. Yet the pervasive damage to your contents may be even more devastating. The loss of treasured possessions or just the familiar belongings that you’ve lived with for years can be jarring and sad. But often many of these can be restored and returned to you in good condition when you entrust them to a trustworthy contents restoration company like Moore Restoration.