Effects Businesses May Experience After a Disaster

Business owners do not have any easy job.  Every day has the potential to bring problems – some small and inconsequential, others large and life-changing.  Natural disasters can bring water damage, fire damage, mold damage, or wind damage to commercial property, often with little to no warning or time for preparation.  This is an inconvenience for sure, but for a business it can be a lot more than that. Keep reading to learn about the effects a disaster can have on a business.

Property damage

The first and most obvious effect a disaster can have on businesses is commercial property damage.  Severe thunderstorms, tornados, floods, winter storms, ice, wind, fire, and mold invasions are just a few of the disasters that can cause various forms of damage, which can be extensive.  Building structures and contents are vulnerable to physical destruction in the wake of a disaster.

Loss of access to information

Damage to physical property can be devastating, but these days information assets can be even more valuable.  When disasters destroy digital information or prevents a business owner from accessing that information, it can be just as destructive.  This is why it is often recommended that businesses keep a copy of important digital information oft-site from their main storage facility.

Closure of facilities

In addition to the actual damage caused by disasters, businesses often experience further loss due to the need to close their facilities.  Businesses that are open to customers (such as stores or restaurants) will feel this most severely.  They will be unable to make sales or serve their customers, which of course will impact the bottom line.  Other businesses may need to find an alternative location where employees can work, which can result in unexpected expenses.

Interruption of supply chain

Today’s businesses often rely on products or components that may be produced offsite or even across the globe.  Sometimes a disaster occurring miles away can have a big impact on a business due to interruption of their supply chain.  While the headquarters of a business may be unaffected, the disruption of the supply chain can keep a business on delivering sold items.

Loss of confidence

Any of the effects above can also have an even bigger negative impact on a business if customers begin to lose confidence in the ability of a business to deliver its products and services.  For that reason, it’s extremely important to get restoration done and get back to business as usual.  Moore Restoration has the acumen and the capacity to complete commercial remediation and restoration following a disaster and most importantly to get your business back to work as quickly as possible.