Contents Restoration: Why Do It?

damaged contents

When a disaster occurs in a home or business, there is usually damage that goes beyond the structure of the building.  The contents of the building are typically affected as well.  When the contents are damaged, there is often a choice to make: restore the items that have been damaged or simply get rid of the damaged goods. Throwing out the whole spoiled mess can be very appealing in the moment.  Yet there are some very good reasons to restore damaged contents and not just discard them.

The Contents Are Valuable

In any residential or commercial building, the contents will have varying degrees of value. While some items clearly would not be worth restoring, there are often a number of things that are valuable.  Careful contents restoration such as Moore Restoration provides will return valuable items to their previous condition (or as close as is possible given the extent of damage.)

The Contents Have Sentimental Value

Sometimes the value that items have is not objective, but rather sentimental.  Some contents would not be valuable to just anyone but they are of sentimental value to the owner.  The detailed inventory system employed by Moore ensures that all contents are accounted for throughout the restoration process and none of those sentimental pieces are overlooked.

The Contents Are Useful

When deciding whether to restore contents or junk them, one big factor to consider is how useful the contents are. If they are necessary for a business or household and will need to be replaced, then it is usually a good decision to have them restored.  The contents restoration experts at Moore Restoration will help you recover what has been damaged so it can be used again.

The Contents Are Required

For certain situations, items may be of critical importance and cannot legally be destroyed.  For instance, a business may have records that must be kept for a certain length of time. In those cases, an attempt at restoration must be made at the very least.  Moore Restoration has experience with document restoration, and we know and use the best industry practices to recover any important documents that have been damaged.

Sometimes the thought of digging through the piles of water-logged, fire-touched, or smoke-smelling items is too much for people.  The good news is that no one has to tackle with overwhelming job on their own.  Moore Restoration has a tried and trustworthy process for restoring contents and returning them in the best condition possible.  We use a detailed inventory system and the best industry practices for restoration of various types of materials.  Even delicate antiques, special photographs, and important documents can often be salvaged in the hands of our skilled technicians.  If you find yourself with water-damaged, smoke-damaged or fire-damaged contents, trust Moore Restoration to restore them for you.