When Purchasing an Older Home, Don’t Forget a Sewer Inspection

sewage cleanupPurchasing an older home presents its own unique set of challenges. A home inspection is very important because older homes are prone to problems with the electrical system, the plumbing, the foundation – in other words, pretty much everything! But some prospective homeowners forget about an inspection that is equally important – inspection of the home’s sewer system. If you’re not sure how essential it is that a sewer inspection be completed, you’ll want to read this article from The Balance. Homebuyers who don’t do their due diligence with a sewer inspection prior to home purchase can end up needing sewage cleanup services and water restoration services after the purchase.

For those homeowners who find themselves in this situation, Moore Restoration has experienced technicians ready to help you clean up even these extremely messy messes. Flooding that involves sewer water requires expertise and caution to ensure the safety of both the restoration team and future inhabitants of the home. Our seasoned restoration experts can even deal with the perils of sewage water. They know how to conduct safe and thorough restoration services, including water damage restoration and mold damage restoration. Be proactive with a sewer inspection and be prepared to call in Moore Restoration (866.484.3322) in case a catastrophe occurs.