Don’t Neglect Regular Furnace Maintenance

furnace maintenance

How often do you stop and think about your furnace?  On these cold winter days, we rely on our furnace to keep us warm and comfortable.  Yet while it is working we rarely give it a second thought.  Regular furnace maintenance is an important part of responsible home ownership, and neglect of it can cause you some big problems. At the bare minimum, homeowners should change furnace filters once a month and have a professional furnace check-up at least once a year.  The cost, time, and effort involved in performing these simple tasks is minimal in comparison to what may be spent or lost.

Higher Energy Bills

Ignoring necessary furnace maintenance can start to slow decrease your furnace efficiency and thereby raise the amount of your energy bills.  This might be the first sign letting you know something is wrong.  Better to keep up on maintenance and keep costs under control.

Poor Air Quality

A less noticeable consequence of furnace maintenance neglect is a worsening of the air quality in your home. As filters become clogged with dust and debris, more of these impurities will inevitably circulate in the air.  This can irritate asthma and other breathing difficulties or increase susceptibility to infection.

Danger to Health

An even greater danger to health exists for when a gas furnace becomes damaged.  There is a chance that a damaged furnace can emit carbon monoxide.  This deadly gas is odorless and invisible, while at the same time it is deadly poisonous.  Having an annual inspection of your furnace might save you more than just a few dollars – it might save a life!

Expensive System Repairs

Performing regular maintenance can stop small problems from becoming big problems.  Even the simple task of changing furnace filters can prevent major systemic issues with your heating system. Dirt and dust from an old filter can cause components of your furnace to break, some of which will cost much more to repair than the cost of a new filter.

Inconvenient Malfunctions

Regular maintenance tasks can be scheduled when it’s convenient for you.  Furnace malfunctions, on the other hand, are bound to occur at the worst possible time.  Like when you are sick and don’t even feel like getting out of bed.  Like in the middle of the night on the coldest night of the year.  Like on a holiday weekend with family visiting from out of town.  You know I’m right!

Secondary Home Damage

Finally, not taking care of your furnace can result in some pretty substantial damage to the rest of your house.  For example, a fire could start in your furnace and spread to the rest of your home, creating smoke and fire damage throughout.  Or if the furnace isn’t working on a bitterly cold night, pipes could freeze and cause water damage.  Another type of potential damage that can occur is condensation in the duct work, which if left untreated could cause mold to grow in the ducts. These secondary problems are not easy to deal with and will usually require professional help.  If you find yourself in any of these situations, call Moore Restoration for help.  A reliable Indiana fire and water damage restoration company, Moore Restoration can restore water damage, rebuild fire-ravaged structures, and perform thorough mold remediation.  Call us today at (317) 791-3862 if you need help to address damages caused by furnace maintenance or malfunction issues.