Factors that Impact Commercial Property Roof Durability

One area of commercial buildings that may not get much attention or thought is the roof.  Though it is right there, out in the open, it is always overhead but never within sight. Understandably, the roof is not always forefront in a business owner’s mind. However, it’s important to remember that commercial roofs are not immune from the deterioration and damage that can occur over time.  Being mindful of the factors that affect the condition of a commercial roof can owners to avoid commercial property damage occurring over time.

The Structure of the Building

The first and most basic factor that affects the durability of a commercial roof is the structure of the building itself.  Unlike the typical residential roof, commercial roofs are usually flat or mostly flat rather than pitched.  This can cause water to pool on the roof, which may result in an accelerated deterioration of the roof materials.

Ventilation and Drainage

Closely related to the way a building is constructed are systemic functions such as ventilation and drainage. Both proper ventilation and drainage are necessary for a commercial roof to withstand the assault of weather and time.  Improper ventilation or drainage can result in prematurely weakening of a roof.

Quality of Materials and Installation

As with anything, the quality of both materials and workmanship used will affect the longevity of a commercial roof.  Anyone who is involved in the installation or replacement of a commercial roof should insist on using high-quality materials and professional skilled installers.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining the roof of a commercial buildings is also important.  Since the roof is not as seen as other parts of a building, problems may not be noticed unless careful inspection is made on a regular basis.  Taking time to regularly inspect roofs can keep a small problem from becoming a big problem.

Age and Exposure to the Elements

No matter how well cared for a roof is, it will still deteriorate gradually over time.  This is mainly due to its direct exposure to the elements.  Everyday battering from wind and rain are compounded by the violent thunderstorms and blizzards that are common to Central Indiana.  In addition to rain, roofs bear the brunt of snow, ice, and hail as well as debris blown by the wind.

Damage to a roof can set off a chain of damage throughout the building, including water damage and mold damage. For business owners, this can be an unexpected nightmare.  Moore Restoration is experienced at partnering with commercial property owners who experience damage.  Not only are we available for immediate dispatch, but we are also sensitive to the needs of business owners.  We have the commercial restoration expertise and skills to handle any damage, no matter how extensive, and we understand how imperative it is to keep your business up and running to the extent it is possible.  We’ll take care of any restoration and remediation you need so you can keep taking care of your customers.