Five Tips for Filing a Water Damage Claim

Water damage is one of the most common problems homeowners in Indiana face. Be it a busted pipe or weather damage, this unfortunate event can happen to even the best-constructed homes. However, filing an insurance claim doesn’t have to be stressful. Moore Restoration has five tips to make filing a water damage insurance claim easier:

Document the Damage

First and foremost, take photos of the damage; take wide-angle shots and close-ups of specifically damages areas or items.

Don’t Start Cleaning Up

If there is actual damage or messes, don’t start cleaning it all up. You’ll need to make sure the adjusters can see what was damaged and how much in its original location. Do mitigate damage to important items, but do not start the restoration of your property until after the inspection.

Use the Correct Terminology

Make sure you file the correct claim. There is a huge difference between a flood and water damage; most homeowners insurance policies have a separate, and not as generous, coverage for flooding.

Collect a Written Estimate

This is one of the more important tips. Make sure you obtain and keep a copy of the written adjuster’s report or inspection. This will detail the damage and you’ll need to make sure your insurance company holds to this.

Find Temporary Housing

After you’ve come down from the immediate shock of a water damage catastrophe, find temporary housing for your family. Some policies will cover this, up to a point, so ask that question of your insurance company.
Most importantly, you’ll want to hire an experienced water damage restoration company. Moore Restoration can handle all your drying needs, working quickly and efficiently to get the job done. 317-791-3862