Seven Reasons to Fix Your Leaky Roof Before Winter

winter home damage

Have you noticed the cooler mornings and shorter days?  These are a sure reminder that in mere weeks winter will be arriving in Central Indiana, bringing with it the possibility of icy cold temperatures and unpredictable winter storms.  Wise homeowners know that this is the time when it is important to make sure your home is safe and secure against the ravages of winter that will soon be upon us. What you do now before winter weather hits can go a long way to prevent winter home damage. For the seven reasons explained below, part of that process should be inspecting your roof and fixing it if any leaks are found.

  1. Structural damage to wood framing. Winter in Central Indiana is famous for its precipitation. It could be snow, it could be rain, it could be ice, or it might even be a wintry mix.  Whatever form it falls in, it still carries the same threat when it falls on a leaky roof.  As the precipitation gets warm enough to become water, it will inevitably find its way into a home through leaks in the roof and onto the wood framing beneath the roof.  Wood is extremely absorbent, and over time these wood pieces will absorb the water, becoming weakened and warped.
  2. Leaks into the attic. Wood is particularly vulnerable to water, but it is not the only material that can be damaged by leaking water.  As water leaks through the roof, it can wreak havoc on anything that is stored in the attic.  Damaged items could include clothing, pictures, books, or memorabilia, all of which can be damaged in a short time.
  3. Deterioration of insulation. The area under the roof typically holds insulation to control the temperature of a home. As the insulation gets wet, it deteriorates and becomes less effective at regulating indoor climate.  The bitterly cold temperatures of winter will easily invade without the barrier of functioning insulation.
  4. Electrical hazards. The electrical system of the house can also be affected by leaking water. The wiring can become corroded when it is exposed to water or even excessive moisture. This creates the potential for electrical malfunctions or even fires.  In addition, the combination of water and electricity can also result in electrocution when improperly handled.
  5. Water damage to ceilings and walls. As water continues to drip down from leaks, the more visible areas of your home may also be affected.  Ceilings and even walls can be dampened and discolored as water seeps through.
  6. Mold growth. With all this water soaking into the materials that make up your home, mold is sure to be there too.  Mold can start growing within days of water exposure and often grows unseen for a lengthy period of time until a discovery is made.
  7. Increased personal and financial cost. Lastly, repair of a roof during winter can be more expensive and dangerous. Winter weather makes tasks done outside, especially on the roof, much less pleasant and more hazardous. It is much better to get it done while the weather is still fair.

As you can see, the last thing you want in the winter is a leaky roof.  But if you find yourself with a leaky roof and the winter home damage that it can cause, Moore Restoration is ready to help.  We provide water damage restoration, mold damage restoration, restoration of electrical fire damage, and even contents restoration of all your valuable or precious belongings.  Call us at 866.484.3322, and we will send our experienced restoration technicians out to help you get your home restored and your life back to normal.