Flames Are Not the Only Culprit in Fire Damage

fire damageMore Than Just Flames

The image that comes to mind for most people when imagining damage from a fire is typically that of flames consuming everything in its path. This is understandable since flames do cause significant damage. They can completely destroy any piece of property that they come in contact with, or they can harm the structural integrity of buildings, even those that are left standing. Yes, flames are destructive, no doubt, but flames are not the only source of damage. And in fact, sometimes other elements may cause more loss or damage that is harder to spot.

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This article explains some of the less obvious causes of damage from a fire.  Fortunately, the fire damage restoration experts at Moore Restoration have the expertise to recognize and remediate fire damage of all sorts. We can help you recover from damage caused by a fire, no matter what the specific source of the damage may be.