Protecting Your Food and Water Supply After a Flood

flood damageFloods have incredible power to wreak havoc on everything they touch. At Moore Restoration, we get it. Our everyday work includes cleaning up the mess of flood damage and restoring homes and businesses back to order. One area that can be affected by flooding is the normal food and water supply. You might not think about this until you are the victim of a flood. Flood waters are full of contaminants which can easily find their way into food and water. The CDC has published this guide to instruct on the best ways to protect the food and water supply during and after a flood.

Your safety is of primary concern to us, which is why we try to share helpful information about floods and fires. We know how dangerous and devasting floods can be. Beyond safety, your second priority will probably be to get your home or business cleaned up and back to normal. Moore Restoration provides flood remediation services that help you to quickly, efficiently, and completely restore your property and recover from flood damage.