Floods and Fires Still Happen…and Moore Restoration is Still Here

It seems like a lot has changed over the past few weeks. For some people, the whole world has turned upside. For others, their day-to-day activities look completely different. While a lot has changed in our everyday schedule and even in how we approach the bigger questions of life, Moore Restoration wants you to know that we are still here, doing what we always do – providing reliable fire restoration, water damage restoration, and mold remediation Indianapolis residents can trust.

Disaster and Damage Will Continue

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly disrupted our lives. Work has been changed or even suspended, schedules have been rearranged, and events have been cancelled, but disasters and damage will not be interrupted. Fires will still start, floods will occur, and mold will continue to grow. Because these troubles will not be stopped by coronavirus, we want to assure you that we will not be stopped either.

Operations Continue as Normal

The ongoing health crisis will not keep us from carrying out our restoration services as before. Specifically, things that will not change include:
• Our prompt response to your emergency needs. We have trained technicians standing by and ready for immediate deployment.
• Our application of time-tested techniques which meet or exceed industry standards for fire restoration, water damage restoration, and mold remediation.
• Our thorough work and attention to detail, which ensure that damage is taken care of quickly and completely.
• Our capability to tackle all aspects of your fire damage, water damage, and mold damage, including complete restoration of all structures, contents restoration, and even reconstruction when needed.

Keeping Customers Safe

We also want you to know that the ongoing health and safety of our customers is important to us. These are the precautions that we are taking as we continue to provide our restoration services through these strange times:
• We will only send out technicians who are feeling well and showing no sign of illness.
• Our technicians will wear masks and gloves when in your home or office.
• The technicians we send will minimize their footprint in your commercial or residential space, only going where needed to complete our work.
• We will abide by the locally-given directives of social distancing, making sure that we keep 6 feet away from all those we come in contact with while on a worksite.

Moore Restoration is a reliable restoration company with a history of delivering quality restoration services to Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. Central Indiana homeowners and businesses have turned to us in difficult times before, and we will continue to support our customers and community members through this trying time. Call us at 866-484-3322 for prompt attention to your water, fire, or mold damage.