How Fast is Fast Enough for Water Remediation?

water remediationWhen people experience a flood, they often report that everything happened so fast. It’s a common observation and an accurate one too. Once a breach occurs and water is allowed to get into places where it’s not supposed to be, it will quickly fill every crevice and soak into any porous material. The damage happens quickly, but what about the restoration? While water remediation takes a little more time, it needs to be done as soon as possible. As the hours tick by, more damage is being done.

Mold Will Grow

One of the greatest dangers of waiting to clean up a water disaster is that mold can quickly begin to grow. According to FEMA, mold can start to grow within 24 to 48 hours on a damp surface. Once established, it will spread and grow until it is killed or removed.

Wood May Warp

Anything made of wood is particularly sensitive to water. Water in direct contact with wood will be absorbed and will cause warping. Once warping occurs, it is very hard to fix it. A much better option is to get the wood dry right away to avoid irreversible damage.

Stains Might Be Set

Most flood waters are dirty and full of pollutants. They are not pure, sterile water. For this reason, they will cause stains on the materials they come in contact with. The longer that fabrics or similar materials are exposed to these pollutants, the more likely they are to be permanently stained.

Materials Gradually Deteriorate

In general, most materials that are exposed to water will gradually break down over time. The longer that water sits, the more it will work to break down the materials it comes in contact with. Getting water removed will stop this deterioration.

Personal Harm Can Occur

Lastly, failure to take care of water damage quickly can expose you and others to the potential for personal harm. Some of the dangers that can occur are electrocution, accidental falls, and infection from molds or pathogens. Why take the chance of these extremely dangerous consequences? Just take care of the damage now!

Restoration of water damage is never going to happen as quickly as the damage did. But the professionals at Moore Restoration make every effort to get all moisture removed quickly and get your personal or commercial property back to its original condition. You can call us at 866-484-3322 any time, night or day, and we will dispatch a trained water remediation crew immediately. We will stop water damage in its tracks and get you back to normal before you know it!