Making a Difference through Hurricane Water Damage Restoration

hurricane water damageWhile you know that Moore Restoration works every day to restore Indianapolis area homes and businesses, you may not know that we also have a part to play in water damage restoration efforts that go on after major natural disasters that occur throughout the country. For the past two years, our country’s coastlines have sustained several direct hurricane hits. The powerful Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Florence, and Michael have destroyed property, damaged homes and commercial buildings, and left residents with a big mess in their wake. That’s where we’ve had an opportunity to help.

Help from the Outside

Often when we experience a disaster, we have a support system to turn to. Friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers typically make up this support system. Yet when a natural disaster on the scale of these hurricanes occurs, chances are that many of the people in your support system are affected too. If you’ve lost your house, your neighbors probably lost theirs as well. When your place of employment is forced to close, your co-workers are in the same position. Even the local water damage restoration companies are typically not able to respond to the need due to damage to their facilities and equipment.

Delivering Water Restoration Services

This is where Moore Restoration offers our help to residents of hurricane-affected areas. We have the water restoration equipment and trained personnel that is needed to tackle water damage problems. We send teams to affected areas for an intense time of deployment. During this time, our staff members work hard for long hours 7 days per week. We do whatever needs to be done in less than ideal conditions. Sometimes in the early days we don’t even have the luxury of a place to stay, but rather just sleep in our trucks. While it is a tough, tiring assignment, our technicians are happy to do it. We get a chance to meet some wonderful people and offer them a helping hand.

Getting Back to Normal

Many of the people who live in hurricane-affected areas lose a great deal in a short span of time. Residents may be left with homes that are unlivable, jobs that are on hold, and even personal injury. This is what motivates us to dive in and get things back to normal. We want to do the clean-up tasks that residents cannot do for themselves so that they can begin the work of taking their lives back. On one of our recent trips, we were able to get over 50 people back to work through our commercial water damage restoration work. That’s 50 residents who can return to working and bringing home a paycheck!

Helping out in the aftermath of a natural disaster is extremely hard work but it is very rewarding as well. These times of deployment also give us great experience and keep us learning about the best ways to handle water disasters. We bring this depth of expertise and valuable experience to each project. This is just one element that makes us a trusted water remediation company in Central Indiana. Call us at 866-484-3322 the next time you need help cleaning up a water mess.