The Limits of Insurance Coverage for Fire Damage

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Insurance Coverage for Fire Damage

The threat of fire is a major reason that individuals and businesses make sure that they have the proper insurance. Adequate insurance coverage can help to make the nightmare of a fire more bearable. You may wonder if typical insurance policies cover all fire damage or if there are limits? As described in this article, two situations would usually not be covered by most typical insurance policies. Those situations are when the fire is caused by arson or when it occurs in a home or business that is vacant.

Making Fire Remediation and the Claim Process

Fortunately, besides these two exceptions, homeowners or business owners who experience a fire can most likely expect cooperation from their insurance companies in covering the cost of fire damage restoration. The restoration professionals at Moore Restoration have years of experience in working with insurance adjustors on behalf of their customers. We can help make the remediation process and the insurance claim process as painless as possible.