Is It Possible to Salvage Water-Damaged Papers?

water-damaged papersIt is amazing how quickly water can infiltrate a flooded home or business. Flowing freely in and through all the contents, it does its damage almost instantaneously. Plastic and other hard materials can withstand the worst effects of flood water. However, more porous materials are susceptible to immediate and long-lasting damage. Perhaps one of the most vulnerable materials is paper. You may wonder if it is even possible to salvage water-damaged papers.

Restoration of Water-Damaged Papers Is Possible

Papers are often one of the biggest concerns for homeowners or business owners who experience a flood. This is partly due to the porosity of paper and how quickly it absorbs water and partly due to how important papers can be. Some paper items, like a newspaper or magazine that may be lying around, carry little value and usually aren’t worth drying out. However, some papers can be extremely valuable, whether personally, professionally, or historically, such as family documents or pictures, legal documents, and rare books.  While the soggy mess of papers affected by an unexpected flood may seem beyond repair, there is hope. Moore Restoration understands the best protocols for removing water and preserving paper items. While sometimes items (especially photographs) may be beyond repair, there are many paper items that can be salvaged.

Prompt Attention and Extreme Care Are Essential

Yet you shouldn’t think that you can just set papers, books, and photographs out and let them dry with no ill effects. There are ways to restore and preserve water-damaged paper items, but extreme care and thorough adherence to restoration best practices are essential. The restoration specialists at Moore Restoration complete rigorous ongoing training and follow well-thought-out protocols to ensure that they handle paper items properly. Because moisture and mold will begin to cause damage right away and will continue to cause damage until they are removed, it is also important to begin restoration as soon as possible.

Incomplete Drying Is a Health Concern

One hazard of drying out paper without the help of a reliable professional is failure to completely dry out the water-damaged material. The untrained person may believe that items are fully dry while in fact they retain small amounts of moisture. When this occurs, mold growth is often inevitable. Mold can start growing within a day or two of a flood and will not stop until it is removed. This can cause further damage, not only to the paper items themselves, but also to the health of anyone who handles the items.

Water damage to papers is often one of the most distressing aspects of a flood. Losing precious family papers or critical business documents can be disappointing or worrisome. Working with a knowledgeable and dependable restoration company like Moore Restoration can ease some of this distress. Call us right away to begin getting your papers (and your life) back in order.