Is Your Home Emergency Fund Adequate?

home emergency fund

Evaluate Your Home Emergency Fund

Nothing can wreck your budget like an unexpected home disaster, such as a fire, storm damage, structural damage, or appliance malfunction.  Costs of rebuilding, restoring, and replacing damaged belongings can quickly add up.  Without an adequate emergency fund, these kinds of unexpected damages can really take you by surprise and find you without a good payment option.  Building up a home emergency fund by setting a little bit aside every month will leave you in a better situation if anything does happen.  But how much is enough?  This article tackles the question and will help you evaluate your emergency fund (or give you a goal if you’re just starting one).

Know Who to Call for Home Emergencies

Being prepared for home emergencies is always good.  Having an emergency fund is part of preparedness, but another necessity is knowing who to call when damage does occur.  It is good to have your insurance agent’s contact information handy as well as (866) 484-3322 – the emergency services phone number for Moore Restoration.  We know that disasters don’t happen at your convenience so we have experienced restoration technicians ready for dispatch 24/7/365.  Whether you encounter a fire, a flood, a downed tree from a gusty wind, or an uninvited colony of mold, our comprehensive residential and commercial restoration services will help you get it repaired, restored, and returned to normal.