Keep Your Holiday Season Accident-Free

common holiday accidents

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and for many of us that means having a house full of people.  Some will host friends and family for brunch or dinner. Others will invite co-workers or neighbors to share an evening of fun. Others may welcome family members to spend an extended time over the holidays.  Whatever your holiday hosting looks like, be sure that your home and your life will be transformed. You’ll be planning, preparing, cooking, washing, catching up, visiting, and cleaning up non-stop during the whole happy and hectic time.  But with all this activity and extra people, there is always the increased possibility that a household accident will occur.  Be on the look-out for these common holiday accidents.

Decoration Disasters

The holidays would not be the same without decorations.  However, sometimes the beauty can turn to danger rather quickly.  Christmas trees must be taken care of properly or they can become large kindling that reacts to the smallest spark.  Candles may be knocked over and start carpets, furniture, or clothes on fire.  Even strings of lights can become damaged, posing the threat of electrocution or fire.

Smoking Stovetops

When guests are in the house, food is sure to follow.  Holiday dinners are often the most elaborate and largest meals we make every year.  This kind of intense cooking, especially when making more than you may be used to, brings the risk of kitchen fires.  Food left to cook unattended can quickly burn or burst into flames, and this happens more when you are distracted by visitors in the house.

Forgotten Faucets

Distraction not only results in more fire-related accidents but can also lead to water damage.  A major cause is the forgotten faucet.  Water may be turned on in a sink or even a tub and then left unattended.  Of course, water will continue to fill a sink or tub until it reaches its limit and spills over the sides.  Even though it is just a careless error with no intent for harm, the consequences can be instant and far-reaching.  A major water spill must be taken care of immediately and completely – the last thing you want to do over the holidays.

Tripping Toys

In addition to damage to your house, personal bodily harm can also occur in a full house.  One common accident people experience is a fall.  With crowded rooms and children under foot, toys and other items get left unseen on the floor.  These can cause harmful falls, especially for elderly or infirm guests.  Having a designated space for kids to place with their stuff can help you keep this sad event from ruining your holidays.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season this year, full of laughter and love, and we hope you can avoid these common household accidents. But if you do experience fire or water damage, we are here for you! Be sure to have Moore Restoration’s number (866.484.3322) handy.  We have technicians on-call even during holidays.  We will work to get things cleaned up and have your holidays back on-track as quickly as we can.