Know the Facts about Mold

facts about mold

Mold is often misunderstood.  Some people understate its effects; others overvalue its importance.  At times, people will ignore its existence even when it’s plainly there.  In other circumstances, people will imagine that it must be somewhere even when the evidence points to the contrary.  If you want to be smart about mold, you have to know the facts.  What science tells us about mold is that it needs to be treated with respect and discernment rather than fear or ignorance.  This article from the CDC provides a balanced overview of mold and how it should be handled.  It will help you prevent mold from beginning to grow, spot it when it does, and evaluate mold remediation strategies to effectively combat it.

There is a lot of wisdom in knowing when to get a mold restoration company involved in cleaning up mold.  It’s important to know the difference between surface mold that can easily be destroyed and a systemic mold problem that is best left to the mold remediation professionals.  When you do encounter a mold invasion that goes beyond treatment with a little bleach, remember that Moore Restoration is a trusted partner in remediating and restoring mold-affected areas.  We employ the best techniques to not only remove mold, but also to address the issues that caused the growth to begin in the first place.