Plan Ahead for a Disaster with an Inventory List

Whether at work or home, many people try to plan ahead to make life easier. Some examples of planning ahead include scheduling events, budgeting for future expenditures, and researching future endeavors. But can this plan-ahead strategy be applied to disasters affecting homes or commercial properties? Well, you can’t really schedule a disaster or budget for an unknown amount of damages. Researching the remediation of a disaster or what’s involved with contents restoration services is not very practical either. There is one action you can take to prepare for a disaster, whether fire, water, or mold damage. That is the creation of a personal inventory list.

Knowing What You Have

It sounds obvious, but creating a list of your possessions really does help you to know what you have. In an emergency situation, it can be helpful to have this list all ready because brains are known to be faulty in stressful situations.

Ensuring You’re Adequately Covered

An inventory list can help you to accurately determine the value of what you have and whether your insurance coverage is adequate. Sometimes valuable items require an appraisal and the addition of a rider to your insurance policy to cover them specifically. Before a disaster occurs is the right time to discover the need for more insurance coverage. If you wait until after damage is done, it’s really too late.

Making It Easy to File Insurance Claims

After there is damage, one of the first tasks is to file an insurance claim. Having a list which details personal possessions can help homeowners to assess what the damage is and to provide the insurance adjuster with the information needed. Not only will this make your job easier, but it will also make it easier for the insurance company. It may also expedite the process, making it quicker for all parties involved.

Contents Restoration Services When You Need Them

Creating a personal inventory list before a disaster occurs is definitely a good idea that will make your life easier if the worst does happen. Yet whether you are prepared with a list of your possessions or not, Moore Restoration can apply our extensive restoration expertise to remedy the situation. In our years of providing restoration services, we have seen the damage that fire, water, wind, and mold can cause to possessions in an affected home or building. Our restoration projects often include contents restoration services and our thorough process includes an inventory list of our own. It is part of what we do to ensure that contents are restored and returned in the best condition possible. Working together with our customers, we do all we can to ease the distress caused by these kinds of disasters and restore valuable possessions and return them back where they belong.