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Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration Indianapolis Trusts

A fire can move quickly through a home, spreading devastation from room to room.  Yet in many cases, only a small portion of the home is actually consumed in the fire.  The remaining areas are not burned, but they are damaged by soot, smoke, water, and odor.  What is left after the fire is extinguished is not gone completely, but it is often not fit for use.  This is where Moore Restoration can help.  Moore Restoration has been restoring fire-damaged homes for over 23 years.  We provide proven fire restoration Indianapolis residents can trust.

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Immediate Dispatch, Efficient Service

The damage left by a residential fire may seem insurmountable to you.  However, to the experts at Moore Restoration, it is all in a day’s work.  Moore will send out a team of experienced technicians to remove fire-related damage, stains, and odors and return your home to the way it was before the fire.  Because timing is crucial, we have teams ready for immediate dispatch at all times, day or night.  We will provide efficient service to get your home and life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Experienced, Trained Technicians

At Moore, we take fire restoration very seriously.  Our technicians are trained extensively at the onset of employment and regularly throughout their time with us.  Many of our technicians have been with us for many years.  With this combination of advanced training and years of experience, our technicians possess invaluable expertise and have developed cleaning techniques that work.  We utilize our specialized restoration solutions to effectively remove smoke stains, flood debris, and other damage caused by fire and water on various types of surfaces.

Factors To Consider When Assessing A Fire

When assessing a fire scene, we investigate the following questions:

  • What materials have been burned?
    The composition of the material burned will affect the kind of residue that is left behind and how that residue is best removed. We will determine whether the material was organic, synthetic, or protein-based and choose restoration procedures that are best suited for that type of material.
  • How was the fire extinguished?
    The method of fire suppression that has been used will also have an effect on the restoration process. Unfortunately, efforts to stop a blaze can compound the damage already done.  We know the best way to deal with the implications of the various methods of fire suppression.
  • How much time has elapsed since the fire?
    A final factor that will influence the amount of damage, as well as our restoration procedures, is the time between the fire and the start of restoration. Smoke can be highly corrosive to many materials. Therefore, the longer the smoke remains, the more permanent and severe the damage can become.

Moore Restoration knows how to best assess damage and determine the correct procedure for efficient restoration.  We will work on both the structure of your home as well as its fire-damaged contents.

We understand the impact water emergencies can have on your home or business. That's why when disaster strikes, you can count on Moore Restoration for professional, fast, and reliable water damage restoration service.

Commercial Residential

Residential or commercial fire damage can be devastating. Moore Restoration helps take the stress out of restoring your fire damaged property. Trust the locally owned experts when you need quality fire damage restoration in Indianapolis.

Commercial Residential

Moore Restoration is a leader in environmental remediation. We utilize the most up-to-date industry standards to safeguard building inhabitants and return the affected environment to a safe and healthy condition as quickly as possible.

Commercial Residential

After a fire or water emergency it may seem that you have lost valuable household or business contents forever. Often, our experts are able to clean, sanitize, and deodorize your contents utilizing the latest cleaning technologies.

Commercial Residential