The Season for Frozen Pipes

frozen pipesNow that the Christmas season is over, we jump right into the season of cold, wintry weather. Much less enjoyable than the holiday season, this season sees us bracing ourselves against the plummeting temperatures, blustery winds, and unpredictable snow and ice storms. The harsh weather so common in Central Indiana at this time of year can also cause damage to homes and commercial buildings. One common source of this winter damage is frozen pipes.

When do pipes freeze?

The only reason that we have to worry about frozen pipes is due to a quirk of nature. As we all learned in elementary science class, water has the strange characteristic of expanding when it freezes. Thus, a container (such as a pipe) which can hold a certain amount of liquid water will not be able to contain that same amount of frozen water. When it gets cold enough within a pipe for the water to freeze, any water in the pipe will expand, putting pressure on the pipe from the inside, and once that pressure reaches a threshold the pipe will burst.

What happens when pipes freeze?

While freezing water causes damage to pipes, even more damage is inevitable once the water thaws. The burst pipe is left with a weakness or opening through which any liquid water can escape. Once the temperatures warm enough to melt the ice within the pipes, it will leak into the surrounding wall, floor, or ceiling. Within minutes, water can seep, trickle, and flow throughout the nearby area. Wood and dry wall can quickly become saturated, causing water damage that is difficult to clean up. What makes it even harder to remediate is the fact that the damage is often on the inside of the wall, which is harder to access.

When you have frozen pipes

Often frozen pipes are preventable. By keep the air temperature surrounding the pipes above freezing, this catastrophe can be avoided. But when a frozen pipe does occur, it is important to take care of the situation as quickly as possible. The first step is to call a plumber to fix the pipe. Soon after that, it is essential that the damage is dealt with by hiring a reliable water restoration company like Moore Restoration. We have years of experience in restoring homes and businesses affected by water damage resulting from frozen pipes and similar problems. Call us at 866-484-3322 anytime day or night for help in cleaning up any water disaster you may encounter.