SteraMist Used Globally to Fight Coronavirus

It’s hard to believe that it was just a few months ago that we were introduced to COVID-19, the influenza caused by a novel coronavirus that began infecting patients in China and ultimately has spread around the world. In our fight against this new disease, our scientific community has made heroic strides within a short period of time. Pharmaceutical and lab companies have developed and refined testing to identify infected patients. Hospitals have revised normal protocols to accommodate a surge of coronavirus cases. And everyone, from medical facilities to groceries stores to the average homeowner, has ramped up efforts to keep surfaces clean and free of the virus. One very powerful tool in the fight to eliminate coronavirus from public spaces is SteraMist. As detailed in this New York Times article, SteraMist, a product of TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.® is not new, but it is being called on to join the global fight against COVID-19. Countries throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East have used SteraMist to disinfect ambulances, hospital rooms, buses, and educational facilities. Treatment with SteraMist was conducted on a contaminated hotel room in Britain and found to be “a resounding success” according to the article. As reported in another article, SteraMist has also been named as the official technology used to decontaminate the mass transit system in Seoul, South Korea.

Decontamination Here at Home

In addition to its worldwide use, SteraMist is being used back home as well to curb the impact of COVID-19. In fact, right here in Central Indiana, Moore ASG is utilizing SteraMist to decontaminate commercial and healthcare facilities for our customers. Our experience with this binary ionization technology product has allowed us to respond to an increased need for these services. We are pleased to be able to do our part in protecting our communities against this and other dangerous pathogens.