The Right Response After a Flood

water disasterFlooding in your home can be completely unexpected and is always unplanned. Whether a result of a burst water pipe, a leaky roof, or a violent storm, a flood can do almost instant damage and might easily take anyone by surprise. But a panicked reaction to this kind of water disaster can make things even worse. On the other hand, a calm and reasoned approach, like the one outlined below, helps homeowners to avoid personal harm and minimize long-term damage.

Stay Safe

The first consideration in a flood should be the personal safety of those in the area. Floods carry with them some very serious dangers. The most obvious is the water itself. If the water is deep enough, drowning can occur. Pets and small children are especially vulnerable and should be watched carefully and kept away from water. Standing water can also bring with it hidden dangers. Electrical outlets that are submerged could result in electrocution, and bacteria or other microbes could transmit disease. Therefore, the best first step to take in a flood is to stay away and call in experts who have experience in dealing with these kinds of hazardous situations.  The professionals at Moore Restoration are trained in safely dealing with water disasters and will employ tested procedures to ensure your safety and theirs as well.

Act Fast

Water damage happens quickly but it also continues to happen until the water is removed. Water that seeps into wood, fabric, or other porous materials will begin to mold rather quickly. Once these mold spores start to grow, they will continue to proliferate until they are stopped. The more mold takes hold, the harder it will be to remove. For this reason, you will want to call restoration specialists who can begin clean-up work immediately. Moore Restoration takes this task as seriously as you do so we have a team of water remediation technicians ready for immediate dispatch.

Dry Completely

Though water will flow easily into the tiniest of crevices, it will not flow out so easily. In order to ensure that more damage does not occur from molding even weeks or months later, all moisture must be removed from all affected materials. Moore Restoration knows how to remove all moisture, and we will not quit until everything is dried completely and free from any contamination.

Restore and Rebuild

Finally, at some point when the water is removed, it is time to save what can be saved and replace what can not. Moore Restoration has a team of experts who know how to restore even valuable or delicate items. We will meticulously catalog damaged items and get them to the best post-disaster condition possible. We can also remodel or rebuild damaged areas of homes or businesses, returning your property and your life back to you.

While you can never predict when a flood might strike your home, you can be prepared for when it does. The only preparation you really need is to remember to call Moore Restoration at (317) 484-3322.  You can rely on us to take care of the rest for you – safely, quickly, completely, and to your satisfaction.