Water Damage and Insurance – What You Need to Know

water damage insurance claimWater Damage Insurance Claim

When you experience a water emergency in your home or business, you may start thinking immediately about your homeowners or commercial insurance and wondering whether the incident will be covered. The reality is that not every flood or water disaster is viewed the same from an insurance perspective. How and when the water damage occurred can make a big difference in whether your insurance company will pay a claim. This article from The Balance can help you understand what is typically covered and offers some insurance claim tips.

Trust the Professionals

Of course, this information is much better to know before you experience water damage. After reading the article, we recommend you ask your insurance agent about your individual policy to be sure that you understand what coverage you have. Your agent is a great resource – and so are the restoration professionals at Moore Restoration. With years of experience working with water restoration and insurance claims, we can help you make a smooth, quick, and complete recovery from water damage. Make sure you know what’s covered before you experience a water emergency and where to turn when you do find yourself with the inevitable water damage.