Weather Events Can Have Long-Ranging Effects 

weather events

Distant Weather Events

Hurricanes have the ability to strike fear in the hearts of coastal residents.  Moore Restoration has seen the effects of past hurricanes and tropical storms and the devastation that they can bring. Residents of Central Indiana do not have the same reaction when they hear news of another hurricane headed for land.  Yet as this story highlights, weather events are not entirely contained in one place.  As Hurricane Elsa moves out into the ocean, the lingering effects were still being felt in parts of the country that certainly would not be considered coastal by any stretch of the imagination.  As the article states, “Several inches of rain is forecast from Missouri to central Kentucky” – not exactly areas known for their beaches!   

Nearby Water Restoration Help

Indiana has seen its fair share of higher than normal rainfall as a result of hurricanes that have come ashore far from us.  Because this rainfall is so heavy and so sustained, these kinds of weather events can easily cause flash flooding.  Flooded basements and leaky roofs are often the unfortunate consequence of these distant tropical storms.  So while you might not need to plan your evacuation route or board up your windows, you might be affected nevertheless by the next hurricane that strikes.  Fortunately, we have the water restoration experience to restore any water damage you might experience.