When Appliances Become Hazards Instead of Helpers


Modern conveniences have certainly changed the way we take care of our homes and families.  Can you imagine the days when clothes were washed by hand and then hung out to dry? Or when food was cooked over a fire and kept cold with blocks of ice?  With all the appliances we have today, life is much easier.  Yet as helpful as they are, even ordinary appliances carry some risk of catching fire.

Electricity and Heat

We all have so many appliances, both large and small, in our houses that we may take for granted the complex mechanisms and powerful forces that they utilize.  Most rely on electricity, which is extremely useful but can cause damage in the wrong circumstances.  When something goes wrong with the wiring in an appliance, it can easily catch fire.  In addition, some appliances such as dryers, stoves, and dishwashers work by generating intense heat.  The use of high heat also increases the risk of a fire starting.

Lack of Proper Maintenance

While there is an inherent danger in any electrical appliance, failing to follow suggested maintenance guidelines can definitely increase the danger.  Checking plugs and cords for damage or deterioration allows you to detect problems before a fire starts.  It is also important to clean appliances regularly.  Discarded food on the bottom of the stove or a full lint trap on your dryer can easily get a fire started.

Old Appliances

A final consideration on appliances and the associated risk of fire is the age of the appliance.  While a new appliance could catch fire, it is more likely that a fire will start with an older appliance.  Everything deteriorates with age and appliances are no different.  This is one reason that it’s best to keep an eye on your appliances and when they show signs of wear and tear get rid of them.  It’s much better to be proactive and avoid the hassles and loss that can accompany a fire.

Appliances are a major part of the modern lifestyle, and no one is saying you should take up the primitive lifestyle and get rid of all your appliances.  That would be unnecessary (and would make your life much more difficult).  However, you should appreciate the fact that appliances can be fire hazards, especially if they are old or poorly maintained.  Moore Restoration has seen the resulting damage from thousands of electrical fires. In the unlikely event of a fire from an appliance (or from any other cause for that matter), we deliver outstanding fire restoration services to residents and businesses in Central Indiana.  It’s our goal to get your fire damaged property restored quickly and efficiently so you can get back to business as usual or life as normal. Trust Moore Restoration with your fire damage restoration needs.