Unusual Weather Phenomenon Hits the Midwest

wind damageDerecho Causes Wind Damage

Predicting the weather with complete certainty is impossible, but we have become much better at forecasting some of the worst weather events before they hit.  Tornados are often predicted a few hours or even a day in advance, and hurricanes are usually tracked for several days before landfall.  However, it still occasionally happens that a severe weather event takes everyone by surprise.  This is exactly what happened this summer.  As this article explains, a rare weather event, called a derecho, blew through the Midwest with deadly consequences to residents and costly wind damage to property.   The winds, reaching levels comparable to those seen in a Category 3 hurricane, arrived with little warning or time to prepare.

Wind Restoration & Reconstruction

While this strange storm is definitely not typical, wind damage can happen at any time.  This invisible enemy can strike with little warning and leave a great deal of destruction in its wake.  If you find yourself the victim of wind, whether the result of a severe storm or just a fluke wind event, Moore Restoration can help.  We offer quality restoration and reconstruction services that help you to quickly recover from wind damage to your home or commercial building.